Faith was having a good morning. They changed her position from prone (on her belly) to on her back. That went very well. Shortly after as they were suctioning her, her O2 saturation monitor stopped recording, she turned blue and went into cardiac arrest at 11:55AM today. ICU teams are prepared for it and we were back in time to watch them doing compressions. They were able to resuscitate her quickly 2-3 minutes so we hope the damage done was minimal we will not know for some time how it affected her neurologically (brain damage).

They brought her for an emergency CT scan. No new clots have formed and the old one is showing signs of reducing. The theory is that a large piece broke off causing the cardiac arrest. The best analogy is that clots don’t melt like ice rather they breakup like river ice in chunks. Causing problems as they go downstream.

We will not know the full extent of the damage from the cardiac arrest for a while.

There is a very likely chance this could happen again, including the cardiac arrest, we just don’t know. One cardiac arrest increases your chances for another, Jonathan only did once when he was in his time so we pray she follows suit.

Family that could make it did today, we pulled the kids from school because we felt it was maybe the last chance they would have to say goodbye to their baby sister.

Only Faith and God knows what is to happen next, keep praying for what is the best for Faith.

8 thoughts on “DAY 31 – DAY – CPMC/CHONY PICU

  1. Your school family has been and will continue to keep a vigil of prayers in our hearts thru the night.

  2. continued prayers…. I am so sorry , so sad and heartbroken for you all. We just adore Faith she is such a sweet little angel!!! Hugs!

  3. Praying for you all and what is best for Faith. My heart breaks for you and all that Faith has had to go through. Praying for Peace as well.

  4. As a part of your PJ family, I am praying for strength, wisdom, and peace for Faith and you, her immediate family. Peace be with your spirit.

  5. The prayers of my family are with you and yours. God bless our precious Faith. May the good Lord sustain you now and always!

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