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Faith Teresa Moor
November 2, 2003 – May 20, 2012

My name is Faith, I’m 8 years old and live with my Mom, Dad, two sisters and brother and our dog, in beautiful Wantage, NJ. My Dad started this blog when I became sick on March 7th 2012. He first started to tell friends and family on Facebook then added e-mails to my teachers and people without Facebook and suddenly everyone wanted to know how I was. To make his and Mom’s life easier he started the blog for everyone to read.

I was born with Trisomy 21 (aka Downs Syndrome DS). I’m lucky though because many kids like me have lots of medical problems right from birth. I’ve always been very healthy give or take some allergies, colds & bronchitis. I’ve had some problems with GERD and developing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) some because of my DS and the other because Dad and I need to get off the couch more.

I still don’t talk very much, my first language is ASL and I’ve just started to use words. I’m currently in 2nd grade in both an LLD and regular education class. I really like school, my teachers, therapists, aids, bus driver and friends.

Some of my favorite things are:

  • SpongeBob / Go Diego Go / Word World / Clifford
  • Toy Story (Especially Woody & Buzz)
  • Coloring & Painting
  • Helping around the house
  • Going on vacation
  • Swimming in pools
  • Milk & Potato Chips

Some of my least favorite things are:

  • Hospitals
  • Hairbrushes
  • Strangers
  • Anything near my face

My current diagnosis

They still need to make sure I don’t have

You can read the blog entry here as to what got me into the hospital today. My family and I are really looking forward to me getting better so I can go to rehab and eventually home. I can’t wait to go on a vacation somewhere with them this summer to a hotel with a big room (we don’t travel light) and a pool that I can swim in all day long. I want hot dogs and french fries for lunch and pizza for dinner.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and caring about me. Check back often. I’m sure I’ll keep Dad busy updating you all with my antics.

My story begins here.


P.S. Sign my page below in comments so I know you were here, dad will share your well wishes with me.

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42 thoughts on “About Faith

  1. FAith, praying for you every day precious girl!! Casey says hope you feel better and see you soon my friend. We know the Lord is with you and your family, your a precious gift and we think of you every day. When you get better would love to play at the park with you!! See you soon Faith!! Get well! the Varcadipane family

  2. We are all praying for Faith & your family during this difficult time. Gianna misses Faith at school & I know many of her other friends are also missing her. Stay strong, think positive, & God will be with you!

  3. Faith, I remember the day you were born and bringing your mom a sandwich to the hospital. She was sick of that food too!!!
    I loved watching you swim in Uncle Bob’s pool last summer and love how your brother and sisters just adore you. We all do!!!!
    Praying for you each and every day!!!! I love Dora’s Pirate Piggys and I will ask mom and dad if you have it or like it too. I would love to send you some of my Dora favorites. You are a beautiful, smart little girl and hope to see you soon!
    Love, Aunt Geralyn

  4. Faith we have only met a couple of times but you had my heart the very 1st time. I am praying that you have a full recovery and can get home with your family and enjoy all those great things that you love
    to do.

  5. Faith, Hoping you are better soon. Miss you and love you. Hoping I can visit you this summer or maybe the Fall.

    Aunt JoAnne

  6. Hi Faith,
    Please know that all of the Arounes are praying for you. You are one strong girl! Keep fighting. We will keep praying! <3

  7. I remember many visits to Mrs wheeler Deans class for my daughter Helayna….Faith would always greet me with a big smile.
    Thinking of your family everyday and praying for Faith.

  8. I just saw this page today and love it. Some of my favorite things about Faith is the hug I received every day with one of the biggest smiles I have seen. Her sense of humor and her stubborness which is what is going to get her through this. Please kiss her for me today.

  9. Faith, you are a beautiful little girl with a beautiful name. : ) Mom, Dad & family…I will be praying for your Daughter that she will recover and better days are to come. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. My Grand-daughter also attends this school, she is going to be 7 in July and news like this hits hard when its so close to home. Hang in there, family! I’m sharing your page to bring more hope & prayers for Faith. ((Hugs)) <3

  10. Hi Faith 🙂 Hope you are feeling better, I loved reading your story. I hope you get to take your trip real soon and have lots of fun. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking of you and your family. Love & hugs

  11. Faith I am praying for you and your family. I am remembering all the times you made me laugh while teaching you! You were such a delight to have in class!!

  12. Faith I will have you in my prayers for a quick recovery. You are a beautiful little girl.I also have a little girl with Trisomy 21 she is 11 years old. May god bless you and everything you want to do… I hope you get out of that place soon and get to go on vacation and swim. That is also the most favorite thing that my little girl loves to do. God bless for a speedy recovery.

  13. Dear Faith, I’m so sorry you are going through this. So many people are praying for you and sending their love that I bet your going to get better, better than better, real soon! You are such a pretty girl with a beautiful smile, and even though you don’t like your hair brushed, it sure looks nice :~) I live in North Carolina so you don’t know me but I know someone who works in your school. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I too will be saying lots of prayers for you and your family! I hope you get that vacation real soon!

  14. Hi Faith,
    I read your story and I think you’re a very special girl,with a beautiful smile. I am praying for you. I hope you’ll be able to go home very soon and enjoy all your favorite things! May our Lord bless you.

  15. Hi Faith!
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. We miss you in art class!
    Love, Mrs.”C” 🙂

  16. Faith, you are a very brave little girl,Stay strong,!Praying God will guide the doctors,in the right directions in finding the problems,so you will be home soon. Praying for ALL of your family

  17. Faith,

    I just saw your page today and wanted to tell you something from my heart that I felt from reading your blog just now, if it’s okay.

    In martial arts, the virtue of courage is paramount. It is often defined in terms of persevering in spite of any obstacles life may put in the way. You are a shining example of what real courage is for everyone who knows you and for all those who do not, but through this blog will now be able to come to know you and see the great example you set.

    I hope and pray that you have the strength to keep marching right over those obstacles and teach everyone what real courage is all about!


  18. Never give up hope and always keep the FAITH!!! Without God it is utterly impossible. But with God everything is possible Mark 10: 27
    I will NEVER give up hope on Faith she is a fighter and she CAN get thru this, keep on fighting kid!!! Hugs!

  19. Kristina Leonard was one of your class mates. She came home one day and told me [mom] there is the beautiful girl in my class named Faith and told me how she helped guide you with work etc. Kristina said mommy this girl has a disease and some children dont bother with her. Kristina then turns around and says mommy all children are equal and should be treated the same. During a Halloween parade at school she had pointed out to me who Faith was and after I saw that precious little smile on Faiths face I knew deep down in my heart my daughter was right. Faith you are a child from God and I pray and hope you fight and keep that special smile on you face in this world and the next. God Bless you Faith..

    • Hey I (Ilana Lisboa) know faith and kristina I told my mom and dad about faith when she was out of school for a very long time.
      I still miss faith and prays are out still.

      • Faith was loving , caring , and every thing good and happy.
        Faith was in Mrs.King’s class. Her classmates everywhere were worried that faith was sick and would never come back. I know this because Emily one of her classmates told me. They made wonderful get well cards. Hope you were sill here with us.

        Love, The Lisboa Family

  20. May you rest in peace with the lord . You are all in our prayers . Isa will miss you so very much you have been in her mind and her prayers . God bless

  21. There are no words to express the loss and grief your family must be feeling now. Losing Faith has left me feeling very lost and empty and she will always have a very special place in my heart and soul. I lost my Aunt Betty Lou who also had Down’s Syndrome many years ago but I will always remember her and love when she visits me in my dreams as I know Faith will do for you. She was only three years older than me but she was more like a sister because we were always together growing up. She too like Faith brought so much joy and laughter and love to our family and friends. I have and will always miss her as I have and will always miss Faith, because now she has joined her in heaven. She is truly an angel now. As Faith would say to me “bye Daudio” and I would say to her, ” Bye bye sweetheart.” You have brought countless smiles to our days here at the Lawrence School and I am so proud of you! We all miss you so much already.My condolensces and prayers are with your family in this painful time.
    Sincerely, Deb Gaudio

  22. As others have said, there are no words that can be said to bring you comfort or peace at this present moment. I believe it would be our hope that you might, possibly, one day find comfort in knowing that at this time, you had an endless supply of people who loved you, who were praying fervently for each one of you, and who knew that Faith is sitting on the Lord’s lap and making Him smile as she did for all of us.

  23. May you rest in peace and be in no more pain faith. My condolences to you all for your loss. From the few times i met faith in her LLD class with my daughter Jessica she was the light of many lifes and a wonderful little girl with such an upbeat personality. My little girl loved playing with her alot and getting to know her. Im so sorry her life was cut so short. But take comfort in knowing she is no longer in any pain. MY prayers are with u all in this time.

  24. Faith is loved by so many at the Lawrence School. We are so very sad that she has passed. I have spoken to many children who were so deeply touched by her fun loving spirit and the special loving quality that made children want to play with her and to be her friend. Please know that she has touched so many lives, and she will always be so special to all of us.

    You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

    Robin Sobiech

  25. What a beautiful girl Faith was! I am seeing your blog for the first time tonight as I was led here by Faith’s Aunt JoAnne, and I enjoyed scrolling through your photo album. JoAnne left a beautiful comment on our blog, chronicling our journey to adopt our daughter oversees, who was born with Down syndrome. She gave a generous donation, which will be forever appreciated, and will help bring our precious daughter home to her family. Faith is shining on!

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