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3/1/12 – 3/4/12 – Faith sick with viral symptoms. Malaise, flush rash on cheeks. Fifth’s disease going around at school. Comfortable and normal activity (Getting in trouble)

3/4/12 into 3/5/12 – Started to develop more respiratory symptoms (cough, secretions). Very rough night sleeping. A distinct change/drop-off in activity.

3/5/12 – Visited pediatrician. Dx Croup, started on steroids, inhaler & antibiotics.

3/5/12 – 3/6/12 – Good Days…Rough Nights.

3/7/12 Day – She spent all day cuddling with Daddy on the couch watching SpongeBob Movie with many periods of sleep. Breathing more labored, very difficult and rapid while sleeping with audible obstructing. When I left her alone on the couch for a 3-4 minute period of time I came back and she was having a cyanotic event. Toes, fingertips (to second knuckle) and lips turning deep purple/blue. It took about 2 minutes to wrestle her awake and keep her awake and alert to stabilize her breathing. She pinked up very well.

3/7/12 Afternoon – The Valley Hospital Emergency Room – Evaluated and admitted with Pneumonia & Suspect Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

3/7-3/8/12 Overnight – Very rough night sleeping (if you can call it that). As she slept her Oxygen saturations (spO2) were all over the place as low as 30 at one point and never staying up in the normal range for very long.

3/8/12 – ENT consult – Very large tonsils (3.5 on 1-4 scale) strong contributor to OSA along with Down’s Syndrom (DS). Scheduled surgery, Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy (T&A), for 3/7/12 at 3pm. As the day progressed a bit and we saw Faith desperately needed sleep and she wasn’t going to get any for the next 27 hours we consulted with our pediatrician and ENT that rapid intervention was required.

3/8/12 Evening – Had T&A surgery at 8PM. It went very well no complications or events. As discussed pre-op she was kept on ventilator and moved back to PICU.

3/9/12 – Very confusing and conflicting day. Initially the plan was to back off the vent slowly and extubate by midday.
10AM – Plan changed to keep her on ventilator all day into Saturday/Sunday
12PM – Plan now changed to transport to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (CPMC PICU). The reasoning for us was that they did not have adequate staffing (Dr/Nurses) for 24/7 ventilator maintenance especially over a weekend. This is also known as keeping parents in the dark over suspected severity of situation.
4PM – Transport team from CPMC PICU packaged Faith, Ventilator & IV Pumps for transport and transported to CPMC.
7PM – Our first consult with CPMC PICU doctor. Faith was transported for stated reason plus the fact she was not responding to therapy as fast as they would suspect. Working diagnoses and theory pneumonia was more severe than thought (x-rays do not indicate) or worse developing pulmonary hypertension (echo cardiogram not indicative either). Faith requiring 80% Oxygen (O2) through vent to maintain adequate spO2, much more than necessary. Plan is for supportive therapy, many more tests overnight and observation. She is very comfortably numb through all of this, requiring pretty high doses of narcotics to keep her under (party girl).

End of History

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