13 thoughts on “Rough Waters ahead

  1. In constant prayer!!! This girl (and your family) is on every prayer chain possible! I even have my canadian family praying and other states!.. Faith be strong and we love you!!! The Lord is with you all!

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.. .When I think of Faith all I see is that loving infectious smile…. Jeanmarie Masuck (Stoveken family)

  3. God will carry you during this difficult time. Just hang onto to faith and try to stay positive. Faith and all of the family are in my prayers.

  4. All our prayers are with you… When I think of Faith all I can see is her loving infectious smile.. Jeanmarie Masuck (Stoveken Family)

  5. Bridghid is saying daily prayers for her sister friend. She asked fr. Bogie to pray for” my friend faith”. Prayer is a powerful source of strength and love…. I know all the prayers from everyone following your blog will hopefully give you strength to continue to put one foot in front of the other and feel the warmth of love from all of us.

  6. Just letting you know that you are in countless thoughts and prayers. Not a day goes by without thinking of Faith and her smile. I miss seeing her in the Library and on the computers… God Bless!

  7. We prayed for Faith today in Prayer Club at WMC. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers!

  8. F is for fighter
    A is for adorable
    I is for incredible
    T is for talented in her own way
    H is for happy which Faith normally is when she is well

    Your a fighter Faith and you have many many people praying for you, keep up the good fight. Love ya!

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