3/11/12 – Morning UPDATE – CPMC NYC – PICU

Good Night – No Events

They have cut the sedation in half. Sue woke up to “Can I get another nurse over here to help me”. Faith was a little too awake and was trying to get out of bed. This kid doesn’t even like a band-aid on when she gets a cut. She isn’t going to like it too much when she is awake. Current count is 1 IV in each foot & hand (4 in total) a central line and an arterial line (2 more) an ET tube and feeding tube so the total tube count is 6. They plan on reducing that before she is awake but of course she will still need some.

Mom and night nurse Regan got her all clean and prettied up last night. Mom is loving the fact she can brush her hair as often and long as she wants (it’s been a daily fight for over 8 years to keep that hair tamed).

Going back into NYC with favorite sister Abbey today.

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