3/10/12 – Evening UPDATE – CPMC NYC – PICU – O2 40% / spO2 97%

Good Day – No Events.

Faith continued to rest today. She had two doses of Lasix to help remove all the fluid she is retaining.

They have ruled out any cardiac involvement. Heart & Major vessels are all good, pressures are also good. The pneumonia looks either non-existent or minor on X-ray. She does have edema in her lungs. The current working theory is either fluid overload during/post operative that she hasn’t been able to void or a-typical post-operative inflammation.

She is running a fever at times that does respond to Tylenol and they have cultured every fluid (blood, urine, saliva, ET tube) and so far all are negative for any bacterial infections.

As of this afternoon they are very happy with her recovery rate which is a very different story than last night. The hope/plan is to reduce her ventilator dependence slowly over the next day or so along with starting to wake her up slowly to see how she responds.

She is a mess and stinky but on the mend as Woody stands vigil.

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