We are still here the morning after.
Faith had an uneventful night and labs and numbers looking good this morning.

Hour by hour. More later.

4 thoughts on “DAY 42 – CHONY/PICU – OVERNIGHT

  1. Were praying for you hour by hour, day by day. Much love to your family. I am SO sorry for what your going thru. Sometimes life just is not fair! May the Lord give your family strength during this very tragic time!

  2. We will miss faith . May god have her in heaven. I am sorry for what you and Sue are going through. If anything I will always be here to chat with you guys.

    Love Always,
    (9 PICU Unit Assistant- the spanish lady at the front desk)

    • Praying for you all in your time of need. She was a gift to the world and touched many hearts. God bless.

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