DAY 41

At 5:01 PM today Faith experienced another cardiac arrest. They were able to resuscitate her after 5-6 minutes. She is currently critically stable.
This is not a good sign for her overall prognosis. Only the upcoming hours and God willing days
Will determine that.
Please do not call or text for details. I will update the blog as I can.

5 thoughts on “DAY 41

  1. My prayers and my heart are with you all tonight. I have been following Faith’s health struggles. She is such a fighter. I will say a special prayer in Church tomorrow as well. God bless your beautiful family.

  2. My prayers and thoughts have been with Faith and her family everyday since I first heard of her illness and have been following your posts daily since then. Although I never met Faith or parents or siblings, this news comes as shocking as if it was a member of my own family. : ( I pray that Faith makes it through this as she is such a fighter! Keep fighting, Faith! We love you! <3

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