• It was decided just as I was about to go home to the other children that it was time to put Faith on dialysis (CVVH). They needed to start yet another central line so now she has one on both the left and right of her neck. Through it blood is both extracted then filtered and then returned. It has two lumens (passageways) so one is in and the other out. The machine she is hooked up to will filter her blood continuously. It may take weeks for her kidneys to heal if ever. We pray they will return to full or partial function and the likelihood is usually high.
  • We are going to try to resume our “normal” where one parent stays with Faith 24/7 and the other commutes during school hours so one can always be home for the other three children. It is so very hard being so far away when mere minutes could be life changing. I write this on my first night home in a week at 2:30AM. I cannot sleep nor do I want to. Our daytime nightmare is beginning to enter our sleep.
  • We are two days away from our 10th week since Faith became ill and are prepared to push on for 20 more if that is what it takes!

Keeping the Faith!

5 thoughts on “DAY 36 – CHONY PICU – MORNING

  1. Thinking of you all. Faith is such a fighter. Praying for Faith. Keeping the Faith is the best for all of you. Sending our thoughts and prays to all of you.

  2. To the Family I will NEVER give up hope or Faith on this little girl!!! My heart just hurts for what you are going thru and all I can do is pray. I truly believe in miracles and healing and I will NEVER give up on your little girl. My heart goes out to you. We love you Faith!! Your story has touched hearts and lives like you could never imagine! You are such a precious little angel and your a fighter ! We think of you all thru our day and pray constantly! We are here for you may the Lord uplift you and heal your little girl You can fight this Faith!!!!! To the most amazing parents your such a testimony to others and pray that the Lord continue to give you strength! Hugs! I believe in FAITH!!!

  3. Step by step Joe and sue. And know that He walks each step with you.
    Prayers and love to you.

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