*** UPDATE 4:27PM ***
Starting procedure to get dialysis started

They are pulling back on medications that don’t seem to have any effect on helping her kidneys produce urine. The less fluid in that isn’t helping the better.

The decision to go on dialysis is almost all but made at this point, the question is time 12 hours from now 24, 36? The extra fluid is now contributing to ventilation issues and there is only so much more they can go up on ventilator and O2 support. It would be so much better for her kidneys to do it on their own but it is looking more and more unlikely. How long will they take to heal? Weeks is the best and only answer if they will ever heal.

Keep the Faith!

2 thoughts on “DAY 35 – CHONY PICU – UPDATE

  1. Faith once again being held up in prayer at our church (Frankford Plains Methodist) and in our prayers. I so feel for your family. I am keeping the “faith” and know the Lord is in control. Praying!!!!

  2. Having walked in your shoes. Columbia has the staff with the medical expertise. I fully trust in their advise. Faith is in good hands with these doctors and nurses. The knowledge they posses there is what you need. My thoughts are with the staff, you, Faith. Had we not had insurance we would not have been given the opportunity to have them for help.

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