Wild night. Faith took a turn for the worse last night. At about 3:00AM her blood pressure started to drop very low. They pushed fluids into her as quickly as they could from all the access she had along with two medications that increase blood pressure. She responded right away to the fluids & meds. About an hour later we were in the same circumstance.

The problem was she was in septic shock a very scary scenario especially when you are waking up to it.

They have started a central line to give her the medication dopamine which will help them better regulate her blood pressure, and additional peripheral IV line and an arterial line where they can monitor blood pressure in real-time and draw blood for blood gasses.

She is currently get a lot of support from the respirator but her vitals are holding. I asked and was told the next 8-12 hours (till around 6PM Saturday) would be telling how well she is responding to the antibiotics and supportive care.

For our friends in the medical field: gram-negative rods, Vanctomiacin,Tobramycin & Zosin

I will post early evening today on how her day went.

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  1. Omg so scary 🙁 I’m so sorry faith is going through this still and always praying for u all love u

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