DAY 12 – CPMC/CHONY PICU – 46-42-12

Mom is home with the other three kids and Dad and Faith are spending the weekend together.

Faith had an OK day. She has been all over the place with her O2 levels, requiring more help during different parts of the day. Multiple things are contributing;

  • In an attempt to “dry her out” they may have over done it a bit and she might be a little dehydrated. They gave her a bolus of IV fluids which helped her in a few ways.
  • She had a bit of a fever today 101.5 Axillary. It’s borderline if it’s indicative of a new infection or not. There is some worry that she might be developing a pneumonia.
  • Hopefully no new pulmonary emboli (PE) or change in status of them.

No chance of extubation this weekend. Early next week likely as long as the complications keep at bay. Some day she will hit me for this but she really needs to take a poop. Poor kid is really backed up and they have been throwing everything at her. I’ve been known to bring out the best in her so hope my magic works this weekend

Let’s hope and pray for a an easy rainy weekend for Faith & Dad

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