04-06-12 – DAY 1 – Children’s Specialized Hospital (New Brunswick) – 32-28-1

Spent the night last night out of the ICU on a regular medical/surgical floor. OK I admit it we are ICU snobs and have come to have some very high expectations of doctors & nurses. Last night’s nurse was what I call a No-Doz-Nurse, don’t sleep if you want you kid to survive the night. Didn’t & she did so success for Faith.

The good news, Faith is now in Rehab. We were transported to Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick today. We are already happy we made the choice.

Faith settled in very well. They fit her for a wheelchair as soon as she got there. She is still too weak to get around on her own so wheels will do the work. She has also be taught and learned about wheeling herself about (an indirect way to rebuild that upper body strength). Regular clothes (on patients and staff) go a long way when you are so accustomed to hospital garb. Mom is very excited about letting her get a real good and long soak in a nice warm tub tonight to start getting though a month’s worth of yuck.

A well-deserved good night sleep for all.



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