03-29-12 – – CPMC/CHONY PICU

Brought Faith to Pediatrician who said she needed to go to ER was concerned about swelling of left leg and her labored breathing. Really no choice of ER’s except back to CHONY.

When we arrived at CHONY Faith was displaying significant signs of Respiratory distress and were fast tracked right into a room and were blessed with some very good Doctors & Nurses.

So far she has had an EKG, Ultrasounds of both legs, CT scan of chest, x-rays of abdomen, chest & neck.

Diagnosis right now is Deep Vein Thrombosis in the left leg where her central line was from the previous PICU stay. More significantly and concerning is significant bilateral pulmonary emboli which means partial clots in both main branches of her pulmonary artery and some further down as it gets smaller.

In the time it took me to drive home to wake and tell the kids what was going on they have decided to intubate and ventilate again. Her heart and lungs are working very hard right now to do their job, by using the ventilator and sedation both will be less stressed. They have also started a Heprin drip to prevent any further clots from forming. Vascular surgery has been consulted and believes at this time that more conservative measures are prudent vs. surgery (thrombectomy) to remove the clots surgically.

Obviously the situation is very serious but we remain positive about the potential outcomes, the next several days will hopefully be the most enlightening as to where the path leads us next.

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