03-24-12 – FINAL HOSPITAL UPDATE – CPMC/CHONY PICU – Total Days since ER 18

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, Faith is home!

They never made it to a quiet room outside the ICU last night but it was still a quiet enough night. Not that Faith slept much, too interested in watching movies on her new iPad.

She is home though, on about a half dozen medications which she seems to be taking every 3 hours but they taste much better at home. She is managing very well without any breathing support, no CPAP (even when sleeping) and able to maintain her O2 levels with just good old air.

She is very weak, going to give Mom & Dad a good workout carrying her around for the next few days and up and down stairs. Her personality is definitely shining through all the rough edges of her physical appearance. Her narcotics wean goes into the second week of April, can’t wait till she clears of all that, she will feel so much better.

Lots of good sleep for all tonight (I hope). Thanks to all. I will have a more formal thank you when I can think straight and not forget to mention all who have been so supportive and helpful in these past few weeks.

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