03-20-12 – Daily UPDATE – CPMC/CHONY PICU – Day 13

Another good day.

• Faith was moved from BiPap to CPAP. She should be on there for another 24 hours until they trial her off of it.
• Food by mouth starting Wednesday if she is ok while off of CPAP. That means she would be able to get rid of the ND and NG tubes in her nose 🙂
• Today her arterial line and central line were removed 🙂 a new IV had to be started 🙁 so they had IV access for medications, 2 lines out 1 line in.
• Talk of possible discharge from the ICU rather than having to go to the floor!! All depends on her Oxygen requirements…maybe by end of week 🙂
• Still going to be a long recovery at home. She needs to continue on her narcotics wean (Ativan & Methadone) to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Weakness, possible speech/swallow issues from ET tube
• Pulmonary recommends we use CPAP on her when sleeping for as many hours as she will tolerate (going to need lots of prayers on this one, tolerant isn’t in her vocabulary)

Picture after “bath” and shampoo and letting Mom do her hair

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