03-19-12 – Evening UPDATE – CPMC/CHONY PICU – Day 12

The picture says it all; she wants OUT and has been through hell.

Faith went into the OR around 10AM and was out by 10:45. Everything went very smoothly. They ended up using a sedation that kept her just under a bit while not interfering with her breathing. She is staying on that for the next 24 hours. The ENTs said that everything looked good when they scoped her, but want to keep her on steroids for a few more days to keep swelling down etc.

She is currently on BiPap (assists with both inhaling and exhaling) and will move over to CPAP (inhalation assistance only) over the next day or so. Her progress on getting out of the hospital will mostly be based on how much Oxygen assistance she needs. She is going to have a longer recovery at home. She was intubated and on a ventilator for 11 days (Jon still has the family record of 21 days). We know she is going to be weak and are weary about any feeding/speech issues it may cause. Jon needed so much therapy afterwards but he was only 10 months old when it all happened so wasn’t very developed.

Time will tell, we take it day to day. We are prepared for at least another week in the hospital, 2-3 more days in the ICU and then a regular floor for the duration (fingers crossed).

If anyone knows of a place to rent an iPad (Wifi) (That doesn’t want the full retail price as a deposit) let me know. She is going to be a trick to keep entertained. Currently she is watching her Dora/Diego/Spongebob Netflix videos on her iPod Touch which isn’t close to ideal. I also want her to be able to do some more meaningful tasks as she can.

I’ll update once a day from now on with some progress pictures

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