Faith had a relatively good night. She stabilized once they intubated her again. They had to switch over to a less effective sedative (for her), the one that works the best is limited to short duration use only. It was rocky trying to get her comfortable. She was back to fighting and much more alert. We were able to communicate a bit, I know she wants to go home and isn’t too happy with that darn tube. We cuddled as best we could.

Her day nurse Sarah is back so she should have a much better day, and Mom and Dad will have a chance to leave her side for a bit. She doesn’t wake up slowly from sedation its like flicking a switch and she is awake and moving. If we don’t keep a close watch she will get that tube out on her own and God knows what else.

We are waiting to sit in on rounds to get a feeling for the gameplan moving forward. ENT should be here sometime this morning to explore the upper airway issue.

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