Health is Expensive

Good healthcare is expensive, its value is priceless.

I have been keeping track of insurance bills and payments to ensure they are being processed properly. I have also been keeping track of our own expenses that insurance does not cover related to her care & hospitalizations.

** UPDATE **

The table below details expenses to date since her initial hospitalization on 03/07/12.

Insurance’s Part


Paid by Insurance



Our Part







Extraordinary Living Expenses









Lost Income


TOTAL out of our pockets



4 thoughts on “Health is Expensive

  1. Hi, I received information about Faith from our dear friend Christina. I will pray and put her on our church prayer chain. This is an ongoing group of over 50 people who pray daily for the needs on the chain. But I want to help the family with information for bills. The Childrens Catastraphic Childrens relief fund a NJ fund that is there to help families beyond insurance with medical bills that they cannot pay. The fund was started in 1989-1990 I know because our daughter was the first recipient of that money and at that time they decided to pay all our bills because the hardship to our family would wipe us out financially. I hope the dad of Faith can contact the state for this money I assume you can look it up on God be with you all and Faith, well with a name like Faith, that is everything, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,lean not on your own understanding and he will direct you your path” Proverbs 3:5,6

  2. Here is the website for that fund: There is email and phone contact information for people who will help you apply.

    I am also part of two groups who do fundraisers, and could help you have a fundraiser for Faith. The first is Avon, we could have an Avon fundraiser if enough people are interested, and 40% of sales would go to Faith’s fund. I also work for a jewelry site, that holds gold parties for people or organizations who are looking to raise funds.

    There is also this site:, which uses social media to raise funds all over the US. It seems like people all over the US have used it.

    Unfortunately, these methods all require you to pay income tax to the IRS as expenses to help an indivudual are taxable. The only other thing you could to to be tax free is if there is a foundation that supports what you are going through with Faith, then we could give the money and raise the funds there designated to Faith. But b/c it’s a 501c3 organization, no taxes would be taken out.

    Jeannette Varcadipane knows how to get in touch with me if you’d like any help with fundraising.

    Praying for faith! (and you all!) 🙂

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