Hair Do, Hair Don’t!

A cute video I came across when I should have been sleeping that I wanted to share


10 thoughts on “Hair Do, Hair Don’t!

  1. Oh she is a sight for sore eyes. Want more!!!!!! Thank you for still posting. Hope all are doing well.

  2. How cute that video is. What a beautiful little girl Faith was. And will always live in our hearts. Loved it! Thank you for sharing ,

  3. LOVED it, that is SO Faith LOL CAsey and I so enjoyed watching this, not a day goes by we do not think of her and just love the little “clues” that she is still showing us she is with us in her own way. Her own precious little way. I am sure she is giving all the angels in Heaven such joy with her personality 🙂

  4. OMG…I laughed so hard, especially when she started to brush her hair and eyebrows with the TOOTHBRUSH…ugh…priceless at the end when someone yelled it was their toothbrush she was using. Faith and her obstinence to not wanting to brush her hair, really makes me smile…I miss her sooooooooo much. All the days in Flynn’s office with the bottle of “No more tangles” and “Cheda”..coaxing her along…Hope the Moor clan in hanging tight. Keep up the posts and clips, I love the memories and the laughs. Miss you all. Pam Flynn
    Pam Flynn

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