Happy Half Angelversity

Dear Faith,

Mom tried making me go to bed tonight before I was ready, she should know better, you get into my mind and I end up writing again.

I can’t believe today is the 6 month anniversary since you left us. It seems so much longer.

Not too much has changed at home. Your room is the same as you remember, but a bit cleaner and neater. Grace took care of your dolls and made sure they were all tucked in with a teddy bear or other animal. Mom gave some of your pretty dresses to your best friend Casey so she could enjoy them as much as you did. Your bike and trike are also in the hands of a good friend of yours who has two little girls that will love them too. Silly brought us all of your school stuff in a big package that Mom and I have not been able to open yet. We are stacking up lots of your stuff in your room to keep for one day when we are ready to look at everything again.

Everything out in your yard is cold & frozen again. All the flowers are gone and the leaves are off of the trees. We didn’t get much of a chance to see the grass, trees & flowers this year and when we did they didn’t look as good as they used too. Everything is a little bit less fun and wonderful without you to share them with.

Abbey and I went to a new doctor for her today. They had a floor in the building we were in for special children born just like you. We wanted to go and look to see if we could find someone as special and wonderful as you and steal her. We didn’t because we know you were unique and we could never find someone as special to replace you.

I hope you and Tommy found Peter. Mom and I just found out yesterday that he came home to you. Please be nice and friendly, his Mom and Dad are very nice and will be happy to know he has new friends. When Mom found out about Peter last night she cried a lot thinking about you. Tonight when I was writing this to you I cried a lot.

We think about you every day, today we will think about you even more. Happy half angelversity today baby doll. We love you bunches and bunches.