The Dad Corner

We met three of Faith’s classmates at her wake. We wanted to make them comfortable so I remember getting down to their level and Sue asked them what their favorite memory of Faith was or what they liked most about her. All three in one way or another relayed two stories. The first was about Faith the super hero and the second was the Dad corner.

The first was Faith the super hero. Faith was infamously strong-willed and if could not get her way through sheer cuteness she would do so via pure resistance at times. A maneuver we would call the “drop and flop” was where she would drop to the ground legs straight ahead folded in half with hands forward. Can’t find a picture at the moment but imagine the most uncomfortable position for most of us or the shape of a hard taco. This was a very natural position for her and would often sleep in it. The other was plain old laying face down on the ground. I guess the kids saw the similarity to the “super hero” flying position and Faith’s attempt to resistance. In her case at least with me, resistance was not futile.

The second story was the “Dad Corner”. The kids told us that at the end of recess that Faith would run to a corner of the playground and say something like “No, Daddy”. Hence it was given the name the Dad corner by her classmates. When we spoke to her teachers they had no idea about the name but gave us the story behind that particular corner. Faith loved to play outside on the playground. She also didn’t like it to end. She started the habit of running to the farthest corner of the playground at the end or just before the end of recess so she could extend her time outside to the most. Never underestimate a person’s ability based on a diagnosis. She was a very resourceful and creative little girl who knew what she wanted and how to get it.

The Dad Corner

Today was a memorial service at her school. Our family was there with her school family and all the students in the school out on that playground. They planted and dedicated a tree to Faith along with a beautiful bench on a foundation of pavers all donated by a family business that has always been very active and supportive in our community. The tree is a crab apple tree, chosen for a few reasons. One is that it blooms with beautiful flowers from April-May a time we can all celebrate it’s renewed life as we do Faith’s during that time. The second was Faith would always walk with her physical therapist and tell her she wanted to go outside to the apple tree. There never WAS an apple tree on the school campus but Faith insisted their was.

After the ceremony outside we returned to her classroom where we had a tea party.  Faith would always love to have a tea party with whoever she could at home or just her dolls.  “Tea” was usually water from the refrigerator door, so after recess when the other kids had cups of water she insisted it was tea party time.  They dressed one of the tables with a table-cloth, beautiful china that even had butterflies on it and three of Faith’s favorite “healthy snacks”, Chips (from the yellow bag of course), Oreos (centers only for Faith) and Vienna fingers.  It was a proper & touching ending for a very memorable morning.

Well Faithie as usual you were right there is an apple tree and I’m sure now and then there will be a Dad sitting on that bench under it seeing you there for a long time to come.

Video of memorial ceremony today


6 thoughts on “The Dad Corner

  1. Thank you for sharing this, It was absolutely beautiful. You have a passion for writing.

  2. Thank you for sharing !! I have an 11 yr old downs daughter and everytime I read your memories it reminds me that no matter how stubborn she is sometimes she is the light of my life !!! I go and give her extra hugs and kisses. You and your family is a true blessing. thankyou for writing. I always look for your stories. They make me smile and bring me to tears at the same time so thank you for your inspiration

  3. Hi Sue and Joe:

    Thank you so much for taping the ceremony of Faith’s Tree Planting. It was a very touching, moving celebration of Faith’s life. This video made me feel a little closer to home and allowed me to experience all the love that goes out to Faith. She was truly beloved by all who knew her.
    I would love to stop by and see Faith’s Tree when I am home. My love to all of you. Karen

  4. We miss you Faith!! think of you every day!!! Your memories will always be treasured in our hearts! We pray for your family every day! Hugs to all of you! Love the article in the paper!!!

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