Moments In Time

For those of you who could not or would not attend the wake, with complete understanding, here is the video collage I put together as a tribute to the Faith we all know and love. The way we all should and will remember her. I am also posting this for all those professionals who took care of her over the past few months without the ability to really know their patient.

Below the video you will also have the opportunity to help me. I am asking for all the pictures & videos you may have of Faith. I would like to preserve them for our memories. I will share them with all, unless you ask otherwise. You can directly upload them here or send them via e-mail to If you need help getting them off of your phone or other device, e-mail me at and I will be glad to help. If you have real photos or even negatives I can also scan those.


3 thoughts on “Moments In Time

  1. Each moment of time showed Faith’s sparkling personality and the love that always and continues to surround her. Thank you for sharing the gift of Faith with all of us.

  2. Beautiful Joe! Maggie and I check the blog every night. We had tears in our eyes both nights. You write from your heart and doing a wonderful job. Faith’s video of pictures were wonderful. Always that beautiful smile. I can still picture her running laps around the gym at basketball practice and we were getting tired but she never did! The pool at Ocean 7……she could swim for hours. Good times and good memories. Thanks for sharing her with all os us!

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