Day of Days

It’s the day every parent has nightmares about. The day you must prepare to bury your child. I told my wife Sue last night that I didn’t want to go to sleep because it would only make this day come sooner. She insisted we both needed rest for a long day ahead and if one thing I’ve learned in our 20 years of marriage is that she is always right. Sleep did not come easy for me last night. It’s 4:30AM and I’m not able to sleep any longer and feeling the inspiration to write. I’ve always hated writing. It was the last thing I’d ever want to do in school, I was frightened to death to have others read it for fear of critical acceptance. This may be Faith’s gift to me to be able to freely express the feelings of my heart and mind and to share it with the world. She was only beginning to speak with words before she was taken back from us. I will be her voice and allow her inspiration to be expressed through my words and writings.

Today is a day I fear so much. I’ve already said goodbye to my little girl the day she died. I was there with her before during and after. I do not want to see or think of what they did to that precious little body to prepare it for “presentation”. I somewhat understand the need for others to have the need to have the shocking realization that she is truly gone. A decision I made for myself and we made for our child is that her coffin will not be open for viewing. The body she left behind is not the Faith we all know and love it was only the imperfect vessel for a perfect soul to make her mortal journey here on earth. Her guests will be greeted with beautiful pictures of her face & smile through all her 8 years with us along with a photo video put to music that perfectly describes her and what she meant to the world.

She will be given her final sacrament in the religion we raised her just 12 days after she was to make her first penance & communion. This precious life was baptized in Christ, received anointment of the sick and will finally have a Catholic funeral. She will not be buried in the earth, we have decided upon cremation. We will hold and care for her earthly remains as her parents on earth until finally one day Sue and I see her again and we will be interned together for eternity.

I’ve been asked by one very special family of a very special friend to Faith to continue this blog. My intention was for it to end with Faith’s death. But I still believe that the spirit and soul of Faith lives on and so will this blog. It will still be “Faith’s Folly” because the word folly and all its meanings fits the events of the past months on so many levels as I hope to reveal over time. “A Journey back to health” will become “Journey of Faith, Healing and Celebrating Life”. I don’t know how often Faith will inspire me to write, she as others knows me too well, as I need some outside pressure or fire under my ass to get from the beginning to the end of projects.

Please continue to pray for my family and me, for peace and understanding over the next very difficult days to come.

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
Live your life in a manner
so that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.
-Native American Proverb

13 thoughts on “Day of Days

  1. Joe,
    Your words are a gift. An inspiration to all of us who are suffering through this tragic time with you. Your eloquence and ability to express such deeply profound emotion helps the rest of us to process our own feelings. I, for one, would be an avid follower of your blog, should you choose to continue. This is my has been my connection to the Faith I lost in March. For these past months your words have provided knowledge, hope, and faith. I expect that we will all need your guidance in navigating through the difficult days ahead. You were, and continue to be, an exceptional Daddy to an exceptional girl. I continue to admire and respect your strength and courage. I only hope that I, and other blog followers, can be as much of a support to you as you are to us.

  2. Joe, as I shared with you yesterday you have a true gift for writing. I am so happy we will continue to hear your words of written expression through your own eyes and from the eyes and images of precious little Faith. Her voice should always and deserves to be heard and you as her earthly father will give her that voice. Her life touched all that knew her and over the past couple of months members of our human family she had never even met. Thank you for sharing the gift of your beautiful daughter Faith with all of us.

  3. Please continue to write as it is a connection to Faith, you, and your family. When I was 7, my parents and I said goodbye to my brother on a cold November morning. I only wish that we had some of your inspiration and courage. Maybe it would have encouraged us to write our thoughts, emotions and even memories. I would have liked to have that now being 21 years later. Faith was part of our community and with your words you and your family have become a very special part of our community. I hope faith inspires you to write so then we all know she lives on .

  4. Joe & Sue,

    My heart goes out to you and your family. Please know that you are all in my prayers.

  5. Joe,

    What beautiful words and thoughts. Not only were you blessed to have Faith in your life but she was also truly blessed to have been in your care even if only for that short time. She will live on in you and will always be with you. You have my prayers.

  6. Joe and Sue and family, seeing you today your strength and faith are unbreakable! May the Lord continue to guide you and give you strength each day. I have never met such an amazing, precious loving family as yours. If more people had the hearts you did the world would be so much better. The beautiful pictures of Faith are so precious, just as she was . As I say, she will always live in our hearts forever and we will never forget her. We are here for you, glad your going to continue the “journey” as there IS so much more we need to know, and it’s good healing for you. Call on us anytime, that is what were all here for! Hugs to your family, and may Faith continue to guide your ways and live in your hearts forever. We miss you little one… go soar wiht the angels little one and keep watch over your family, they miss you and need your love around them!

  7. I’m sure this post was difficult for you to write, but it is beautiful. Thinking of you and your family with prayers and love.

  8. Today I saw the strength that you Sue and the kids have And it’s amazing. Faith lives on in each of you in her own special way Please continue to write and keep us posted its was hard to say good bye to the little angle that when she came in the Bagel Tree I would sign the word cookie and she would get all excited and thank me with a huge smile when I gave her that cookie May Gob Bless you all and Joe thank you so much for starting this blog

  9. Praying that you and your loved ones find peace and comfort in the days ahead. I have never known the loss of a child or the pain and emptiness I can only imagine you are feeling. In the fullness of time, may that hole in your hearts heal and in it’s place the memories and spirit of your Faith reside.

  10. I came home from the funeral home to find a box turtle nesting in our garden! A sign that life goes on. I’m going to assume that it’s Faiths way of showing us she lives on through nature. We will take care of this nest and hope that many of these delicate creatures survive. Thank you for sharing that wonderful little angel of yours with all of us.

  11. Mr.and Mrs. Moor,

    Thank you for sharing your precious Faith with all of us. Your little girl was a blessing to the world. Her ready smile was a reflection of the deep love that your family gave her. Faith radiated pure joy to so many others.

    I will miss seeing Faith at school, and will always remember her as a strong and beautiful child. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  12. I cried when I read the news of Faith’s passing and I am brought to tears reading your words. I have such compassion for you and your family and we have never met. But we also have a common bond. We both have children with Downs. A wonderful blessing from god. I am so sorry for your loss but I am also inspired by your words god bless you and your family during this time. I showed my ds daughter she is 11 a picture of your beautiful Faith and she thought it was her(Emily). I do think your story hits so close for me they look so much alike. just know god has a new beautiful little angel and god bless you and your family..

  13. Thank you for sharing such personal feeling with all who know and love Faith. My heart aches for your family, no words can comfort right now, but please know we will always be here for you.

    Matthew 5:4
    Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

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