• Slow and steady progress. Better today than yesterday
  • The doctors don’t feel they need to take any interventions today and that’s actually a good thing. Her kidneys are producing very little urine but rather than jump to dialysis there is time to let nature heal them which is always better than having to intervene.
  • They are going to try one more course of a drug today that might help her kidneys to start producing. It operates differently than the previous drugs which no longer seem effective.
  • Her daily X-Rays of her lungs is looking very good compared to many of the previous ones. It looks like the decision to move her to the oscillating ventilator was a good and right decision.
  • More family visits today which are welcome but tiring.

Baby steps right now, but they are in the right direction. We will all feel better when we have about 96 hours under our belt since Wednesday morning.

We once again broke some new ground here at CHONY. After Faith’s cardiac arrest I went around the PICU thanking everyone involved for their contribution. The one I could not find was Dr. B, I was unfortunately there to witness him performing CPR compressions on Faith, something I would never recommend to anyone. At the time I focused on him and the determination and focus he had to save my baby. It was amazing, they all were. Later that day I ran into him in the hallway, reached out my hand to shake his and thanked him from the bottom of my heart for his dedication, skill and determination. It could have been his child on that bed you could not tell the difference. I also told him I know how difficult and important the chest compressions are. In my younger years I was a volunteer EMT and had the unfortunate opportunity to perform CPR dozens of times. It’s physically and mentally exhausting you have another persons life in your hands and they rely on your skill to do it right. Later in the day we were talking to Dr. K and he told us that Dr. B had approached him because he was so taken by the fact that a parent had thanked him for performing CPR on their child. It had never happened before. Why Not? We should always recognize the skill, contribution and dedication we see in all the people we encounter in life. I know that day I saw many professionals some younger some seasoned who will all one day be very seasoned lifesavers and touch the lives of countless other people. They need to be recognized in an environment that can be both physically and more so emotionally challenging. God Bless them all.

Thank you again to everyone for following and special thanks today to Pam, Jess & Nancy.

6 thoughts on “DAY 34 – CHONY PICU

  1. I truly beieve Faith is once again she is the true fighter she is and her wondeful determined personality even prevails even thru all of this. You have a very special little girl and believe it or not she is actually changing lives! Your faith and journey has not only helped us to uplift Faith in prayer but strenghthen faith of some many people. She is truly a precious gift from God and the work she and your family are doing for HIM. These prayers will be continueing thru your journey and let me tell you… when she comes home will be the best news we can all hear! Thank you for sharing and keeping us posted she is constantly on our minds and hears and always in every prayer. May the Lord continue His work and miracles on Faith and your family. Tell Faith when she is well Casey cannot wait to come visit her when she is back home!

  2. Just want you guys to know our thoughts and prayers are with Faith and your family. xoxoxo

  3. Praying for stregnth and peace for your family . God is with you and precious Faith.

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