Good Day – No adverse events

Faith had an improved day today, less support and better vitals. Still negative on all cultures so I think it’s safe to say the infections are finally under control. There are still some daily fevers which don’t make sense one explanation is drug fever especially when you consider fentanyl withdrawal and all the antibiotics she is receiving.

Something is working because even after suctioning today she is NOT having the low O2 saturation she has been having over the past few days. Was it the new ET tube, Nitric Oxide? We will see as the NO gets weaned if it was the cause or if it was replacing the time-worn ET tube.

Lets hope we are done adding days to the bad bucket and continue to accumulate them in the good bucket.

I’ve added a photo gallery there are some cute cards up there right now and I hope to get some more happy healthy Faith pictures up there soon too.

One thought on “DAY 27 – CPMC/CHONY PICU

  1. Glad to hear Faith is improving some. Continued prayer for more good days and rest!

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