DAY 8 – CPMC/CHONY PICU – 42-38-8

Post OR update

The OR went well today, they were successful in sedating her and bringing her up to the level of consciousness they wanted to perform the scope and tests of her vocal chords.

The MRI showed nothing out of the ordinary, no surprise here and that’s a good thing.

The scope did find some significant ulcerations just below her vocal chords. The cause is most likely the EndoTracheal (ET) tubes that had been in place initially.


Depends who you speak to:

ENT: Conservative approach of steroids & antibiotics. It has been proven before that the steroids reduce the inflammation, allow her to breathe and time to heal. I’m pretty sure that’s what us crazy uninformed parents were screaming about last Tuesday.

ICU: They are already talking about a tracheotomy so that they can bypass that whole area and allow it to heal. No one has convinced us yet of it’s benefits over risks yet, not to mention how we plan on reversing it one day.

The primary doctor coordinating her care will be back in tomorrow to discuss all with us and give us a chance to voice our concerns.

Sorry if this is a bit disjointed and weak tonight, the stress of the past week is getting to Sue and I. Sleep doesn’t seem to help and the conflicts we still seem to have with some of the ICU staff really drain our energy.

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