DAY 7 – CPMC/CHONY PICU – 41-37-7

Weekend Recap

  • Friday: Bedside bronchoscopy found narrowing of the trachea caused by inflammation. The most likely cause is GERD (acid reflux). We the parents had posited that there may be more going on than upper airway obstruction but what do we know.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Many attempts to get an MRI, finally did Sunday night at 5PM. We won’t know the results until either late tonight or Monday morning.


The plan for Monday is a trip to the OR. The “scheduled” time in 1:40PM. They will be extubating Faith so that they can pass another scope the full length of the airway. The bronchoscopy was limited because the endo-tracheal tube was in place. The main focus will be on the vocal chords and larynx. The hope is to find something that is fixable via surgery or otherwise.

There are a few outcomes based on tomorrows diagnostic testing:

  1. After successful scoping they will intubate again and Faith will return back on the ventilator.
  2. After successful scoping they will be able to keep Faith extubated and she will breathe on her own.
  3. After successful scoping they will see something they can fix surgically and schedule a fix for a future date.
  4. After successful scoping they will not find anything they can fix and plan a tracheotomy for a future date to ensure an airway.

I will update you all tomorrow night when we have good news.

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