• Today is not the day but this week should be the week. Faith had some more breathing issues overnight. A combination of things, infection, sedation, stars out of alignment… She is much better this morning.
  • She still has her infectious personality and the infections to go along with it. Waiting to hear back about yesterdays cultures. They are going to remove the IJ central line. It is a known source for infection and not compatible with the aforementioned ethyl lock they had hoped to try.
  • She did have her central line removed today and three other IV’s started to take up the volume of medications she is currently on. It was hard work for her to get all those sticks today but necessary to get her well, she was a trooper.
  • They bumped up her sedation a bit. She was working to hard against the ventilator last night and since we are going to be on it a few more days she needs the rest.
  • Still having fevers today
  • Hoping for a good night and better days to come.

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