A relatively quiet night (for Faith), the ICU was very busy and we were not in an isolated room so sleep was not so good.

OK, Its not an abscess, the x-rays were compared to previous which also showed the same space and she has NO clinical symptoms of an infection (confirmed by blood work).

With the promise of ice cream Faith did let ENT pass a small scope up her nose and down her windpipe for a quick look and nothing abnormal was found although it was admittedly difficult to get a full clear picture in a kid who was awake and not happy about the procedure.

For today the team knows she responds well to systemic steroid as they reduce the inflammation in her windpipe and ease breathing.  They come with a whole bunch of other problems in the long term.  For tonight we are going to “try” to get her to accept using CPAP while she is sleeping.  CPAP will keep some positive pressure on the airway and prevent collapse or obstruction while making it a bit easier to breathe.

The odds are less that 50% we will make much progress tonight convincing her this is good for her and she should cooperate.

For those who have asked what the final goal to getting her healthy his.  Quite simply to be able to breathe on her own without assistance or O2 while both awake and sleeping.

More tommorrow.

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