Busy day today

  • Faith continues her wean down from the heavy sedation medications (Versed & Fentanyl). They have added Precedex to keep her chilled out.
  • She has been communicating, she wants milk, has told us to leave, to go get milk. Yes and no responses and tears when I say NO to milk. Mostly sleeping though, thank goodness.
  • The infection we thought was just contamination, Nope it’s for real Staphylococcus epidermidis add one more antibiotic to the brew.
  • We traded in some of our frequent ICU miles to get a better room that’s more private and quiet in the newer section of the ICU, it will be much better for her when she is finally fully awake. A lot fewer distractions and noise.

Today’s Hijinks (Dad is here tonight so what else would you expect)

  • After moving to her new room she decided to drop her blood pressure again. Not like in the past when she was in shock. A little bit of IV fluids brought it right back and they also brought down the heavy sedation meds a bit more quickly.
  • Another spiky fever again today, little over 100. Makes a bit more sense now knowing about the secondary infection. They are using a cooling blanket to keep her temp regulated. I’d love to have one on a cold winter night myself (it heats and cools to keep you a constant temperature)

Most of the weekend will be spent keeping her calm and comfortable. Extubation is possible but as one person told us extubation is the easy part, having the right person around if things don’t go right is more important. We would love to have her off the vent today, we can wait until Monday.

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