Good day today

  • Faith started on her methadone/ativan withdrawal regimen in preparation for cessation of the sedatives and extubation. It’s going to be about a month before she is once again rid of all the narcotics.
  • They performed an ultrasound of the clots in her left leg again today to see if there have been any changes for the better or worse. No news yet as to the results of the test.
  • She was much more awake today (still quite high on the sedatives) but responding to questions and mouthing along to some of her favorite songs (a bit) etc. Sister Jessie was there to visit her today and the two kept quite busy. It’s a good “awake” she isn’t fighting, yet, and again she needs to wake up more if we want to get off the ventilator by the end of the week.
  • Infectious Disease (ID) stopped one of the antibiotics and started a new broader spectrum one as the blood cultures are still coming back positive even with double coverage.
  • They have replaced the foley as she needs to get more fluid out of her system, lungs are still a little soggy. Needs to get about 1 more liter out and then they will consider extubation maybe Thursday or Friday.

Generally a good day and hope they continue to get even better.

Sorry about the website’s reliability issues. I’ve requested my hosting provider move me to another server that is stable. We will see what happens, nothing changes as far as all you are concerned.

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