04-01-12 – END OF DAY 4 – CPMC/CHONY PICU – 27-23-4

Quick update and recap for those on the e-mail list:

  • Faith is stable, breathing on her own with just some Oxygen(O) and Nitric Oxide(NO). They have started to wean her off the NO. NO is used as a vasodilator to open the blood vessels of her lungs.

  • She is awake most of the time on very light sedation to keep her comfortable and in the bed and to also make sure she keeps her IV’s in along with the oxygen on.

  • She has restarted the Methadone/Ativan wean for the narcotics she was on from her last stay in the ICU.

  • The team is meeting again on Monday 04-02-12. They are going to order another Ultrasound of her leg to see what the clot looks like there and if it has changed any. Based on that the FINAL decision on surgery/conservative approach will be selected.

  • Presuming everything stays status quo the plan will be to switch over to the new anti-clotting drug Lovenox over the next several days in preparation for going home

  • We will be working with Hematology to determine if this was a pre-existing bleeding/clotting disorder or not and therefore determine future treatment.

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