Happy 18th Birthday Day Faith!

Your birthday is here again,
but in heaven you will be.
We will celebrate your special day
visiting you and your memorial tree.

You are now another year older;
this will never show on your face.
In heaven you are a child forever
as this is your magical place.

We call out your precious name
and send balloons up to the sky.
We watch them fade into the clouds.
The wind has sent them up high.

We hope you have a party up there
with the balloons we sent to you.
Presents to open from the angels
and a cake with some candles too!

We will sing you Happy Birthday,
but we try not to shed a tear
as this should be a happy day
we will celebrate each year.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/balloons-in-heaven

Happy 17th Birthday Day Faith

For Your Birthday In Heaven

Although we miss you always we miss you more today ..
Because it is your birthday and you are so far away.
You’re not here to celebrate but we still always do ..
Though it is alway sad when we remember you.
On this day we reminisce with smiles and frequent tears ..
As we think about your memories and wish you were still here.

By – Toni Kane

Happy 16th Birthday Day Faith

Each year on the anniversary of Faith’s Birth I usually post a nice poem, something cheerful and of course a Happy Birthday.  In the past we have also openly celebrated her birthday with a big party, cupcakes, balloons and sometime fireworks.

Well time does not heal all wounds and quite frankly as the years have progressed the weeks leading up to the anniversary of her death and her birthday have become increasingly difficult, at least for me.

I quantified the time involved, from the time we were gifted with her birth until the time she was stolen away from us. She shared her life with us for 3,123 days.  She was taken away from us 2,723 days ago as of today, her 16th birthday.  She has almost been away from us for as long as she was with us.

I wish I could be happier today, but it’s reality. Happy Birthday in heaven Faith.