Happy 4th Angelversary

For the first time in many years I am without words.  Time changes nothing, except for the wait until we are reunited again.

Happy 12th Birthday Day!





Happy 12th Birthday Day to my baby girl. We all miss you bunches & bunches.





73915Thanks to all that came to Faith’s birthday party last night.  We hope you enjoyed the company and the cupcakes.  Thank you for the presents in her memory and we look forward to seeing you all and more next year.

The Moor Family

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12th Birthday Party


It’s that time again to celebrate what would have been the 12th year of life for Faith. She is no longer with us, but lets celebrate the influence she has had and continues to have on all of our lives. Please stop by if you can, if you are sure you can come please RSVP via e-mail

  • Where:
    • 11 Robert’s Way
      Wantage, NJ 07461
  • When:
    • Sunday November 1, 2015
    • 6PM – 8PM

“Gifts of Faith”

If you wish you may bring an unwrapped gift or donation that we will use to buy gifts for children who would otherwise not get any this Christmas. We are thinking of gifts for a 11-year-old girl or anything you might have that you want to re-gift. It’s totally optional, we are continuing this tradition for our family as a way of paying forward all the generosity and love that was shown to us and will do so as long as we are capable.

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Something Special for Abbey

Hey everyone! TCNJ is running a Walk-a-Thon for the Special Olympics! As a lot of you know I have a special and personal connection with the disabled/special needs community. I would really appreciate your help reaching my goal as well as supporting such a terrific cause!

Thanks a bunch – Abbey

Link to TCNJ Walk-a-Thon donor site


Thank YouThank you to ALL that were able to help Abbey become the TOP fundraiser for this event.  It’s a wonderful tribute to Abbey and her sister.  Abbey also walked the Walk-a-Thon on the 21st.  Thanks again, Dad.

Link to fundraiser status page, the Class of 2019 almost had a record year!

Happy 3rd Angelversary Faith!

It’s so hard to believe it has been 3 years since you left us, it seems so much longer. We still miss you every day, your sly smile, humor and personality. I hope you know how much you have changed each of us and what an impact you made on so many lives in such a short lifetime.

Many things have stayed the same while others are changing. Mom is doing well, staying healthy and missing you as much as me. Your sisters are getting ready to end their time in high school. Abbey will be going off to college to learn how to teach other children with special needs, you have inspired her along with all the wonderful teachers you have had. Jessie is going to learn how to be a forensic investigator, to solve crimes and bring justice to victims and protect others. I know you are also a big influence on her too. Jonny is starting his last year of school, we are not sure what is next but we are ready for any changes that need to come. Morse still thinks he’s a puppy and misses you the most, he has lost some weight since you are no longer around to give them those extra meals when he asked you to.

I wish I could forget all the pain you had to go through so I could just remember the good times we had together, I’m working on it. My video for you this year is of the first 3 years of your life, happy times when you were having fun and at your best.

I so look forward to seeing you again some day and having my little buddy at my side, or should I say wrapped back around your little finger.

We all love you bunches and bunches.